This is the best moment to find the right resource for your Parenting Concerns. I will gladly help to develop a list of values to live by and a keep as you get a clear sense of what’s most important to you in your parenting journey.  You can use this as a guide and choose the values that most resonate with you to create a better relationship with those special souls of your children.  Your time is precious, so feel free to look around.

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About Me

I am enjoying the ride of parenting, as you know it has it’s ups and downs.  One event that changed my life was being diagnosed with post partum depression after the birth of my second child.  I was taken aback, but found the right tools to get back on track.  I faced poor nutrition, and lack of concentration and found myself crying in the bathroom a lot.  If you are a bit like me, that’s when I realized the need to get in control of my life, my emotions and ultimately my destiny.  I researched and read many books, but what was a breakthrough for me was joining a Mommie Support Group locally that choice led me to a path has led to so much more.  Having studied Psychology at the University of California Davis I was intrigued with the the human mind.  Now, I am a part of Mentor Masterclass with Coach Jeannine Yoder.  I have successfully picked up the tools I can teach you too, about the importance of nurture to nurture.  I would love to share my journey into how I switched the feelings of overwhelm and the mediocre metaphor of “Being a parent is hard” to feelings of in demand and “Parenting is an opportunity to grow alongside my child to a heighten self-awareness.”  Currently I also am a life coach empowering young minds age 5-12 year old’s for a nonprofit “Pequenos Empresarios” where I have the privilege to teach and practice a range of skills from Emotional Intelligence Mastery to Finances.  Prayer and Action steps focusing on the parenting role is essential, I embarked on the path that I promote now which is Conscious Parenting.  It will challenge everything you know about parenting.  It puts the focus back on us the parent and allows us to tap into the rich lessons our children are here to teach us.  Because you see, our children are really a gift from God.  They are in our lives for a special reason.  They are here as our spiritual partners.  How many times have we boosted about having self control and having patience, I know I have, & then came my children into the picture.  I was exasperated being stretched into all directions of parenthood responsibilities.  I found the balance that I know will benefit you as well.  I would be happy to share with you what worked for me.

Positively, Alicia Contreras

My friends and family call me Lila, and so can you from now on.